We created a branded 3D motion graphic immersive content that was broadcast on the large media wall of Sokbarun Internal Medicine, the largest health checkup center in Busan. The project, which was custom-made exclusively for Sokbarun Internal Medicine, utilizes objects that symbolize internal medicine and creates a sense of three-dimensionality by making them pop out of the frame, differentiating it from other logo plays. We designed the logo play to evoke a sense of trust, security, and confidence in the hospital's abilities by using colors that convey a sense of trust, stability, and competence.


The 3D motion graphic immersive content for “Sokbarun Medicine” conveys the message of a hospital that cares about its patients. The smoothly moving spheres move smoothly between various passages and spaces to depict the circulation of internal organs. This implies that with 'Sokbarn Internal Medicine', all problems and diseases will be solved smoothly and without any obstacles, and is branded with the core message of a hospital that prioritizes patients above all else.


We used objects that symbolize internal medicine, such as syringes, stethoscopes, and medicine bottles, and added soft and natural movements to them to make them feel comfortable. We designed the branding to emphasize the luxury and trustworthiness of 'Sokbarun Internal Medicine' through clean and modern white and luxurious blue-purple colors, and added a pop of color with 2024-colored peach pips to convey the confidence in the hospital's capabilities.



The space and construction objects were created procedurally. They are not made of simple metallic materials, but rather shaders that reflect different colors due to reflection, and we wanted to show subtle differences in color through diffuse reflection.

The main object has about 100,000 hairs per letter, and we used visual scripts to manage their positioning to minimize simulation time. The spilling petals were created using photoscan textures, and the particles have a material that fades out in response to the simulation. Collision animations for the objects involved in the internal medicine utilize rigid body simulation and slow motion, while sub-objects are animated with keyframes for added interest.

The soundtrack was created to create an atmosphere of a moving sphere on a journey.

We used a light marimba to represent the circulation of the internal organs and the hospital's equipment, which can be a heavy and intimidating subject, and a rhythmic electric guitar to represent the building of trust in the hospital. Breaks in the changing shots made the repetitive music more interesting and helped smooth the transition to the next scene. We also added SFX to match the visuals to maximize immersion.


In the first sequence, you're introduced to a series of spheres that symbolize the cells that make up your body.

They make their way through a maze representing organs, past objects that represent medical CT scans, and finally to the birth of the 'Sokbarun'.


In the second sequence, various objects appear and float through space as you look inward.

The 'Sokbaun' logo is born in the middle of them. The soft, fluffy material makes it fun to look at and emphasizes the warmth of 'Sokbarn Internal Medicine' and emphasize the warmth of 'Sokbun Medicine' to make it more approachable to patients. Then, a three-dimensional anamorphic effect beyond the frame is applied to imprint the 'Sokbarun' logo on the viewer.


Immersive content media wall produced by Iconic Movement is beyond the interior design to a cultural and artistic space.


Client _ 속바른 내과 건강검진센터
Production_ Iconic Movement