Design should solve problems.


At its core, design is about solving problems. At IconicMovement, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create.

The Lab Page of IconicMovement is a space that shows the process of challenging the creations that Iconic Movement makes.


At IconicMovement, we're all about healthy creativity.

The first Lab Page, created by graphic designers in the business development team,

was created to provide a visual and witty look at the work environment and process for clients

and prospective employees who are curious about how IconicMovement works.


How does IconicMovement work?

“Don't overthink it, keep it simple, like playing” and “A real player's party for players”

These two keywords set the theme of [ICONIC WORLD] and visualized it.

The most important thing for maintaining healthy creative activity in the Iconic Movement is to give "honest feedback".

The difficulties, conflicts, guidelines, and feelings of accomplishment during the project process are prompted and visualized through AI.

so that they can express their personal feelings honestly with emojis.



'Come on, you can do it too, healthy creative activity!'

At IconicMovement, we encourage each of us to be open and

honest about the emotions we may feel during our work and projects.

Of course, we can't be 100% honest,

but we believe that by talking about our feelings honestly,

we can consider each other and grow a little more.

'Just Say It!'

We recognize our differences.

So we can create great performances as a team.

A range of application

In order for the team to prioritize the keyword of fun, not just work, as they move forward with the project,

and to help each other care for each other and work more efficiently through sharing, we created emoji as merchandise.

The emojis used as key visuals were made into goods and are being used directly.

Through the physical goods, we have created a fun and comfortable environment where we can share our feelings,

empathize with each other, and freely generate ideas.

Through healthy creative activities, Iconic Movement is able to increase internal team members' satisfaction

with their work and maximize and maximize customer satisfaction.


Directed / Designed_Jugee Kang, Sooyeon Kim